The International Consultations Group 

“Law in the service of Peace and Development”

  • Who are we?

  • About ICG:

The International Consultations Group (ICG) is a think tank based in Cairo, Egypt, offering its global services in the fields of law and development, with the aim of working with all concerned parties of international law; international, regional, and continental affairs; and international and regional development institutions.

  • Work Scope:

ICG was initiated to work as a think tank offering its services to those concerned in international relations, investment and trade, peace, international law, human rights, development, governance and public policy alternatives issues, for companies, individuals and Non-Governmental Organizations, to assist them to take the right decisions, adopt policies and practices advancing their capacity on cross-border communication and cooperation, as well as accomplishing economic, social and financial benefits in a context of commitment to legal, moral and social responsibility.

ICG is cooperating with an extensive number of experts in the fields of all relative branches to international law, national legislations, international conventions, instruments, mechanisms, and agencies concerned on human rights, peace and international development, international trade and arbitration, and socio-economic projects services.

  • Governing Framework:

ICG provides its services in accordance with national legislations, regional and international conventions, instruments and mechanisms.

  • Vision:

“The International Consultations Group is one of the leading think tanks in the provision of international law and development services and dealing with the international mechanisms.”  

  • Message:

ICG seeks to support its clients in NGOs and corporate to develop their businesses and empowering them towards active communication with the UN agencies, and regional and continental gatherings, along with fulfilling their legal commitments and moral, human and social responsibilities.